Our Core Competence

At Worldwide Consulting Group, Executive Search is our foundation and we are dedicated to providing a total Executive Human Capital Solution. We place specific emphasis on identifying, recruiting as well as placing top-class candidates from mid range to the highest executive level covering both private and public organizations with our specialized techniques, thorough recruitment processes and solutions.

Our Eyes are Your Eyes

We establish long-term relationships with our Clients through placing talent to power their businesses and gaining confidence and respect from executives that trust us with their careers. At all times, we are totally committed to offering highest quality and services to deliver strongest candidates and fastest time cycles. Our services comprise of Retained Search and Client Paid Advertising Solutions with strong emphasis on Contingency Search at different salary levels. We have candidates and clients in the major world centers of business, technology, industry, finance and other sectors. Depending on the details and circumstances of each individual search, whether your firm needs a replacement manager to head an important department, or if your firm needs one of several managers to set up an organization from scratch, be it a branch sales office, a manufacturing or operations facility, or a regional headquarter, we will be able to assist your firm.

Our Talent

Our experienced search consultants possess extensive knowledge of their Client’s marketplace. They have a track record of excellence in their own industry prior to joining us, thus bringing with them hands on experience within their industry. They draw on previous experience within the market sector to fully understand the specific needs and requirements from our clients and their businesses. By working in a vertical market, they have specialist knowledge to effectively qualify suitable candidates, thus also giving them a competitive edge in attaining a high level of credibility when approaching decision makers and senior executives. Through recruiting, we identify and select quality candidates, build strong client relationships and partnerships. Through extensive network and research, we become knowledge workers. We then design and create different recruitment strategies based on specific needs of our clients’ businesses. We believe that every part of the recruitment process is important and crucial to the success of our search assignments. We offer continuous training and support to our search consultants to fully utilize our administration system for tracking and effectively managing every single process of each search assignment. Our custom-written recruiting software has been specifically designed not only to serve as database functions but also comprises effective management tools to fully support our day-to-day operation.


Employment Agency Licence No. 75739

Important Notice:

Worldwide Consulting Group Company Limited (the “Company”) has never placed any job advertisements on Facebook.  Any person who applies for a job through the Company will never be charged any fees, whether successful or not.  Recently, it was discovered that someone had stolen the Company’s name and address to post job advertisements on Facebook.  All job advertisements on Facebook have nothing to do with Worldwide Consulting Group Company Limited.  This case has been reported to the Hong Kong Police Force.

The Company has never advertised, promoted, hosted or co-organized any paid or free training courses.